Monday, February 10, 2014

Sweetest. Thing. Ever.

Jude Scott,

You were the cutest thing last night when we were reading your bedtime story.
I could have sat there and looked at the book with you forever because of the way you were acting.
You picked your "Baby's First 100 Words" book so it wasn't really a story, just pictures,
but you were so in to pointing at everything and looking at me to say what the object was.
This made me so happy because you normally don't sit still for more than a few minutes
when I read to you.  You've always been that way.  You'd rather squirm and simply listen to the words
while you wander around.  This has always kind of baffled me since you're such a cuddle bug,
but that's just the way you are.  For that reason, I think last night
 will always be one of my favorite memories of you.

You were just so cute pointing at the brush 
and then running your fingers through your hair.
Pointing at the shoes and then trying to slide your feet inside them.
Catching onto the sign language for "night night" instantly 
then pointing at the sleeping boy and signing "night night."
Not just pointing, but pounding on the different balls
and very excitedly saying "ball" with a huge smile on your face.
Pointing at the lion and making your silly roar sound.
And then to top it all off, when you decided you were done reading
you grabbed your paci that was sitting right next to the book, 
stuck it in your mouth, signed "night night" and crawled in my lap.

Sweetest. Thing. Ever.

I  love you so much Jude Scott.  You are so incredible
and it is such an honor to be your Momma.
It is my privilege to read you a bedtime story every night
and to give you one last cuddle before you drift off to dream land.
Always and forever Little J. 

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