Monday, November 19, 2012

She's getting SOOOO Big

Little things that Emma does every day remind me just how big she is getting.
Take this morning for example.  I was about to take a shower
so I put her in her exersaucer outside the bathroom door as usual.
This is how she was when I put her in there...

And this is how I found her when I got out of the shower...

...dress basically off and no bow.

She definitely isn't my baby girl anymore.  I love this and hate this all at the same time.
Her baby stage flew by way too fast.  I miss being able to scoop her up 
and cuddle her in my arms whenever I wanted to.
Now she's too busy exploring and discovering to cuddle for long periods of time.
But I absolutely love the stage she is at right now.  She is so fun, silly, and curious.
She is constantly making me laugh by all the wild things she does
and by all the words and actions she mimics.  Momma and Daddy definitely have to
watch what we say and do a lot more now a days.
And although I don't get long cuddle sessions with my sweet girl anymore, 
now I get moments when she decides she wants to give me a kiss or a hug or a cuddle
and every single one of them completely melts my heart.
There is nothing more precious than my baby girl loving on me.

The Life Of Faith

Sunday, November 18, 2012

37 Weeks: Full Term

My darling baby,

Today is a big day for you.  You have been growing inside my belly for 37 weeks now, 
which means you are officially considered full term.  And what that really means 
is that now whatever day you decide to make your birthday
you should be strong enough to handle this wild and crazy outside world.
Please do me a favor though and hold off for at least two more days until your Daddy 
is back on our little island with us where he belongs.
We would all really appreciate that and I bet you would like it better that way too.

Your Daddy is really excited for you to make your big debut.
I think it's cute when he talks about you and when he does stuff to get your room ready for you.
It's already very obvious how proud he is to have you and I know
that sense of pride is only going to grow once he meets you and holds you in his arms.
I can't wait for that moment.  It's going to be very special.

I also can't wait for the moment when your big sister (one of your three) gets to the hospital
and sees you for the first time.  I'm actually really excited about this moment.
She was very interested in a three-month-old baby that was at the house not too long ago
and she loves rocking her baby dolls to sleep and patting their backs
so I am very curious to see how she reacts to you.  A lot of people think
she is going to be jealous of you at first, but I don't really think so.
She is such a loving and sweet girl.  I think she is going to be the perfect big sister for you.
In fact, I think you are going to have three perfect big sisters.  You are one lucky baby.

And I am one lucky Momma to have you as my sweet baby.
Soon I won't have to imagine how special, cute, and precious you are.
I will be able to look down on you and tell just by tucking my finger securely
into the palm of your hand,  by kissing your tiny forehead, and
 by gazing into your eyes and seeing a reflection of your Daddy and me in you.

Little Baby Williams, you are already so incredibly loved.
We are ready for you to join us and to start our adventure with you.
It's going to be an incredible journey full of ups and downs, twists and turns,
but I promise you that every step of the way, whether it's a right step or a left step,
you will feel the love of your Momma and Daddy stepping right along with you.
We will always be at your side supporting you, encouraging you, guiding you.
If there is one guarantee in life that I can give you, it is that.
Your Momma and Daddy are here for you.  Always.

Super Sunday Sync   
Raising Imperfection

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Emma's Prediction

Emma is going to have a new baby cousin come April.
Here's her prediction on whether she will have a boy cousin or a girl cousin.

I can't wait to find out whether or not she's right.

Congratulations to my brother and sister-in-law. I love you both and
I can't wait to be an Auntie to your sweet baby.
He/SHE will surely be spoiled by his/HER one and only aunt.

Sophia Isabella,
your Auntie G cannot wait to meet you!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More than a File Folder: Up, Down, Open, Closed

It's no secret that I absolutely loved my job as a teacher,
even if it was only for a year and not at the best or most organized school.
My students and their growth was what mattered to me.
I think I put more of my heart, soul, and dedication into that one year
with my twenty-two students than I ever had with anything else in my life.
That is, until my beautiful daughter, Emma Claire, was born.
I may only dedicate my heart and soul to one child (soon to be two)
these days, but it is driven by a much stronger force than I ever had in the classroom:
the unconditional love for my own child and the great pride I feel 
as I watch her grow, learn, develop, and succeed.
Of course I cared for my students and loved watching them progress
throughout the school year, but nothing compares to sharing in your own child's joy
as they reach another milestone, learn a new skill, and grasp another concept.
The emotions that swell up inside me as I watch Emma discover new things 
and say new words is indescribable.  As most parents probably do, I think she is absolutely brilliant. 
She truly amazes me with her intelligence, her curiosity, her excitement, and her love.
She is my greatest passion and although I may never be a teacher in a classroom again,
because of her I am a teacher every minute of every single day.

My one tiny student was the inspiration and motivation behind the creation of this activity...

I wanted to create something to help Emma start to understand the basic concepts of
up and down, open and closed.  I wanted it to be interactive and kid friendly.
I wanted it to be made from basic materials found around the house.
I wanted it to be something that could easily be taken in the car or on a plane.
I wanted it to be colorful and to contain items that she could recognize.
I think I accomplished all of these things with the following items:
- file folders
- crayons/markers
- ribbon
- scissors
- glue

Emma can open and close the door
and move the kite up and down. 

Up and closed

I really wanted white or tan velcro, 
but of course black was all there was at the PX.
I will just have to live with the big ugly black patches.

Down and open

Here's Emma checking it out for the first time. 

I plan on making a whole series of these, all of which focus on different concepts.
I think we are going to have a lot of fun with these.         

Raising Imperfection
  The Life Of Faith


Wordless Wednesday: Life from our Balcony

Baseball practice on the beach.

Enjoying the beautiful weather.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Lost Shoes

I was trying to leave for a doctor's appointment this afternoon,
but got held up because I couldn't find my flip flops.
Apparently Emma found a better home for them than I did.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Everyday Household Items as Toys

Emma loves to help me cook.  I always give her bowls and spoons 
to keep her occupied while I am busy in the kitchen and she absolutely loves it.
Well, this morning I was feeling a little daring and decided to take it one step further.
I have been saving various food containers for a few weeks now so Emma can play with them
in the kitchen her Daddy and me are hoping to make her for Christmas.
This morning I filled two of the spice shakers I had saved with grains of rice and gave them to her,
along with a bowl and a spoon.  Then I just sat back and watched her decide what to do with it all.

This is what happened...

Sure this made a mess, but it was nothing that five minutes of vacuuming couldn't clean up.
I think it was well worth it.  Emma was very interested in this activity and I love 
to give her everyday things found around the house and watch her manipulate them, 
tinker with them, and discover all the things she can do with them.
She is always fiddling with something, trying to take things apart and 
then put them back together again.  She reminds me of her Daddy and his Papa
in this regard and I think that's special.  I hope she keeps this quality.