Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Everyday Household Items as Toys

Emma loves to help me cook.  I always give her bowls and spoons 
to keep her occupied while I am busy in the kitchen and she absolutely loves it.
Well, this morning I was feeling a little daring and decided to take it one step further.
I have been saving various food containers for a few weeks now so Emma can play with them
in the kitchen her Daddy and me are hoping to make her for Christmas.
This morning I filled two of the spice shakers I had saved with grains of rice and gave them to her,
along with a bowl and a spoon.  Then I just sat back and watched her decide what to do with it all.

This is what happened...

Sure this made a mess, but it was nothing that five minutes of vacuuming couldn't clean up.
I think it was well worth it.  Emma was very interested in this activity and I love 
to give her everyday things found around the house and watch her manipulate them, 
tinker with them, and discover all the things she can do with them.
She is always fiddling with something, trying to take things apart and 
then put them back together again.  She reminds me of her Daddy and his Papa
in this regard and I think that's special.  I hope she keeps this quality.



  1. These are great! Thanks for sharing and brightening my day.

    i fell in love with this cute-pie :)
    May she be blessed with all the happiness and health :)

  3. OMG! Look at those legs! She is soooo cute! How old is she?

    Thanks for stopping by and following my blog.

    Your {newest} follower :)

  4. She is so stinkin cute!! Looks like she had a blast. My little one loves to play with every day items and pretend away.

    New follower from Friday Chaos.