Saturday, January 28, 2012

Da da da da, Emma's World

A look into a typical day for little ECW...

Going for a stroll with Daddy.

Emma's first attempt at feeding herself.

She did a pretty good job!

Reading with Momma.

Emma went to the park to swing for the first time...

...and she loved it!

Splish splashing in the bathtub.

Playing while Momma dried her off.

Momma and Daddy sure do love every minute 
we get to spend with our precious baby.
She is such a joy to be around.  She always has us smiling.

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  1. God I wish I could be a part of Emma's (and yours and Josh"s) everyday life. I loved the video...could she be a lefty? Vince would love it. The picture of her in the swing is just precious. I can't wait until I can take her to the park. It is so hard to believe how much she has grown. Her first year is going by so quickly. Hugs and kisses from Grammy!