Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Picture Walk of 2011

A year's worth of memories all wrapped up into a few pictures...

We got to see our sweet baby for the first time.  
We didn't know we were having a girl yet, 
but we knew our little one was going to be like Daddy,
already bouncing around all over the place 
and laying with her hands behind her head.

Husband made his first trip out to sea as Captain.

Moma and Daddy were so excited 
about our little beach baby who was on her way.

We made our first trip home in 5 months 
and got to spend some much needed time with Lillian Grace and Raley Anne.

My mom and sister-in-saw threw a baby shower for me while we were home.
The best surprise ever was having Tiffany there.

Lilly showed us that she can write her name.

Husband and I went camping 
and had a photo shoot of Baby Williams at 25 weeks along.

We were so ready for Baby Emma to make her big debut, 
and 17 days after this picture was taken...

... she did!  
Emma Claire Williams was born August 17 at 11:54 pm
 weighing in at 7 pounds, 12 ounces and measuring 22 inches long.

At just a month old, Emma made her first trip to the beach.  
She truly seemed to enjoy dipping her toes into the salty sea.

Emma's first Halloween.  I have never seen a cuter cow.

We went home for Thanksgiving and got to have our whole family together.  
It was incredible.

Emma's first Christmas.  The highlight of the day for her, 
playing with the wrapping paper.

2011 brought me the greatest gift of all and made my biggest dream a reality.
Being a moma to our beautiful daughter is the greatest privilege I will ever have.
It's going to be hard for 2012 to live up to this past year. 

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