Sunday, August 19, 2012

Highlights of Emma's Frist Year

A look back on some of the BIG moments
throughout Emma's first year...

Making her big debut.
After 24 hours of labor, Emma Claire Williams
finally graced us with her presence at 11:54pm on August 17, 2011
weighing 7 lb 12 oz and measuring 22 inches long.

Going for her first ride in the stroller.
(2 weeks old)

Having her first golf date with Daddy.
(2 and a half weeks old)

Being introduced to her Ocean Friends,
which ended up being her favorite toy for the longest time.
(4 weeks old)

Making her first trip to the beach.
Now it's almost an every other day occurrence and she loves it.
(6 weeks old) 

Getting her first real bath
as opposed to just a sponge bath.
It took a long time for her belly button to clear up.
(7weeks old)

Attempting a bottle for the first time, 
which did not go well at all.
(8 weeks old)

Her first Halloween.
Cutest cow I've ever seen
(10 and a half weeks old)

Meeting her big sisters for the first time.
And the rest of her family of course, 
but that would be a lot of pictures.
This was also her first Thanksgiving.
(3 months old)

Her first Christmas.
She thought the wrapping paper was the best part.
(4 months old)

Out on her first sail.
(4 months old)

First time with a gun.
(4 and a half months old)

Discovering her feet.
(5 months old)

Her first taste of big girl foodies.
(5 months old)

First swing at the park.
(5 months old)

First time sitting up by herself for an extended period of time.
(5 and a half months old)

First Valentine's Day
(almost 6 months old)

First roll from her back to her tummy.
(exactly 6 months old)

Making cupcakes for Daddy's birthday.
(7 months old)

Finding out she is going to be a big sissy.
(7 and a half months old)

First Easter
(7 and a half months old)

Making her first big mess.
(8 months old)

Going for her first hike and her first time
in a National Park.
(9 months old)

First swim in a pool.
She did not like the cold water.
(9 months old)

Loving her first rolly poly.
(almost 10 months old)

Seconds before she pulled up for the first time,
in the bathtub of all places.
(10 months old)

First swim in a lake.
(10 months old)

Saying bye-bye to her first home.
I know it's not a good picture, but it was really hot
and we were in a big hurry.  I'm just glad
we got a picture at all.
(11 months old)

First night at her new house included a swim in the ocean.
(11 months old)

First official play on a big girl playground.
(11 months old)

First time wearing her butterfly wings.
She loved them so much that it was a fight to get them off
so she could lay down and take a nap.
(1 year old)

Just proud of the fact that she's
a big one-year-old.

I probably went a little overboard on the pictures, 
but I had so much fun looking back through all of them.
Once I started I couldn't stop.
Since I see her everyday sometimes I forget
just how much she has changed over the course of the year
and this was the perfect way and time 
to just sit, remember, and reflect.
There are times when I find myself thinking about 
and missing Emma's baby stage.
That part of her life when I could just hold her,
look down on her, and get lost in her tiny fingers and toes
and the little twitches she made while she slept.
I remember how Josh and me would always laugh 
at the crazy sounds she made while she was asleep.
We couldn't believe such loud and wild sounds
could come out of such a tiny and delicate baby girl.
Although I can't just sit and hold her
for long periods of time anymore,
I am absolutely loving the stage she is in right now.
She is so affectionate.  She will just crawl over to me,
wrap her arms around my neck, give me a kiss,
and nuzzle her head down in my chest.
It completely melts my heart every single time.
She has the power to turn a bad mood into a happy one 
with just the sparkle of her eyes 
or the touch of her soft hand against my cheek.
I guess you could say that Miss Emma Claire
had found a way to get both Momma and Daddy 
wrapped around those little fingers of hers.

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