Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Little Late, but Perfect Timing

It may have been six days past his due date and several weeks 
past when Momma and Daddy thought he would make his debut,
but Jude Scott finally joined us on the perfect day and at the perfect time,
December 15, 2012 at 1:31 in the afternoon.
Why was this the perfect day and time?
Because it's when he was ready to leave his safe, warm, made just for him home
and enter the outside world that is so full of chaos and unpredictability. 
I knew the doctors wouldn't let me go more than two weeks past my due date,
so every day that came and went made me a little more nervous
because I did not want to be induced.  As ready as I was to hold him in my arms, 
I didn't want to force him out before he was ready. I knew our little boy would come
on his own when he had grown and developed to just the right size,
which happened to be way bigger than I thought it would be,
a whopping 8 pounds 8 ounces and 19 and a half inches long.

Labor and delivery went pretty smoothly, but not at all the way I had planned it.
I ended up delivering our incredible son naturally, with no epidural or pain relief at all.
Anyone who knows me knows that I have a very low tolerance for pain
so I must say that I am pretty proud of myself for this accomplishment.
Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine myself going through childbirth naturally, 
but now having done one that way and one with an epidural, if we were to have
another baby I would definitely go natural again.  Yes, it's painful, uncomfortable, 
and excruciating, but the way I felt after this birth was so drastically different
from the way I felt after Emma's birth.  I immediately felt like myself
and as soon as Jude was out the pain was gone and never really came back.
After Emma was born I was exhausted, out of it, and still uncomfortable for a few days.
I'm so glad that was not the case with Jude, because I feel like I remember the moments 
after Jude's birth better than I do the moments after Emma's.  I was just in a much better
state of mind, which made it easier for me to capture those precious first memories
with our baby boy.  Such special memories that I will forever cherish.

So happy to finally be able to kiss our little baby boy.

Proud Daddy already teaching Jude to "Thunder Up."

Emma Claire meeting her baby brother for the first time.

He had already stolen my heart.

Just hanging out with all of his big sissies.

Momma loves you with all her heart Jude Scott.

Jude Scott,

You are the perfect addition to our family.  You have only been with us for a short while,
but I already can't remember life without you.  Your well defined nose, your big bear paws 
(which is the way your Daddy refers to your hands), your long toes, and your full head of dark hair
make you the perfect you.  From the moment I first held you 
I could tell that you are a little cuddle bug and I absolutely love that about you. 
 If you haven't already learned it, you will quickly realize
that there's nothing your Momma loves more than cuddling her babies.
Judging by our first few weeks together this is something you are okay with.
Your head rests so gently and fits so perfectly up on my shoulder.
Your tiny arms fold up against my belly so naturally while you nurse.
Your tendency to roll onto your side and nestle up against me while you sleep is precious.
Every hug, cuddle, and squeeze that we share is special to me.
I hope they are as comforting to you as they are to me and I hope you know
that I will always be here to comfort, nurture, and support you in any way that I can.
There will probably come a day when you think you are too old to cuddle with your Momma,
but I promise you that even if it's just a quick hug, 
you will be able to feel my unconditional love for you in our embrace.
The love your Daddy and I both have for you is already so strong,
but what's truly incredible is that we know it is only going to continue to grow stronger
with every smile that spreads across your face and every milestone you reach.
I think you and your Daddy are going to be best friends and I cannot wait 
to watch your relationship with him grow over the years.  I know it is going to be
an extremely special relationship and one that plays a huge factor in shaping you into the man
that you will one day become.  He was raised and taught by some very respectable men
and the special relationships he has with his father and grandfathers will be passed down to you
which already makes you someone I am extremely proud and honored to call my son.
I love you more than you will ever know Jude Scott.  You are perfect
and I cannot wait to see how our journey together unfolds.
The only certainty it contains is that each step along the way will be taken
with a greater love for you than the previous one.



  1. Congrats!! So precious :) I love the picture in the cradle!!

  2. I am so excited you have your blog back up! What a beautiful letter to Jude. He is a lucky little boy. I cannot wait to meet my grandson in March. Give Emma and Jude a kiss from me. Love you all.

  3. Congrats on your newest addition! He's adorable! I had my little girl the day before, kinda cool.

    1. You're little lady is a cutie too. I've been keeping up with her though your blog.

  4. congrats, mama! i officially have baby fever now, haha. he's so adorable. maybe i'll try natural next time, too. :)

    1. Go for baby #2! How cool would it be for him/her to be able to say they were born in Africa!?