Tuesday, January 15, 2013

From Baby to Little Girl

Emma Claire,

You are getting so incredibly big.  There are times when I look at you 
and can no longer see your sweet little baby face.  Instead I see the face of such a little person,
a little girl full of sugar and spice and everything nice with sprinkles of mischief scattered throughout.
You are still just as cute and sweet as ever, but you have definitely reached
what I'm going to call the "rascal stage."  You know exactly when you are about 
to do something you know you shouldn't and every time you are at this point
you look at Momma and Daddy with that beautiful smile on your face and then in the
sweetest sing-songy voice you say "Hiiiii."  I'm pretty sure you know that by doing this
you are making it that much harder for Momma and Daddy to stand our ground 
and be stern with you, which is why Momma has started to call you 
her Little Rascal.  You definitely like to test us,
which is just one of the many things you get from your Daddy.  
I know there are times when you get upset with us for telling you no
or for not letting you have something you want, and it breaks my heart to make you cry,
but Momma and Daddy have to teach you right from wrong, good from bad
and this is only the beginning of that process.  I know it will be many years down the road,
but one day you will understand why Momma and Daddy don't let you have 
everything you want or do whatever you want when ever you want.
It is our job as your parents to set boundaries, limits, and expectations for you.
We do this in order to help you grow into the incredible person
we already know you are going to be and have already started to become.

Just as Momma expected, you have embraced your new role 
as big sister with nothing but joy and love.  
From the moment we brought Jude home you have been fascinated with him.
You absolutely love it when he is down on the floor with you. 
You tickle his tummy and toes.  You tap his nose and wiggle his ears.
You stroke his hair and hold his hand.  Your giggles and smiles 
show the genuine excitement and happiness that your little brother brings you.
You have no idea how happy and proud it makes Momma to watch you with him.
You will never understand how much love I have wrapped up in both of you
and seeing the two of you love each other just makes my love for both of you grow.

I love you Little Rascal.  You're my Beauty Queen and the sweetest girl I know.

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