Thursday, March 15, 2012

Her Happiness is my Mission

The sound of her giggle is the best music I have ever heard.

For the rest of our lives her Daddy and I will do everything 
we possibly can to make sure she is always this happy.

In order to do that we will... to her.
...instill values in her.
...emphasize the importance of the little things in life 
and hope she grows to feel the same way.
...encourage her to take chances. patient with her.
...protect her. silly with her. her whenever she needs it. supportive of her hopes and dreams.
...push her to her fullest potential.
...make her accountable for her actions.
...respect her and expect her to respect us. her how to love.
...discipline her.
...accept her mistakes
and show her how to learn from them.
...give her privacy.
...appreciate her.
...sing to her.
...allow her to express herself.
...set good examples for her.
...tell her that we love her every day.

I know some of these things are not always going to be easy to do,
and I know there will be times when Emma
 does not agree with all of them,
but each one of them will be done in an effort 
to help her grow into the remarkable person I know she will be.


  1. The most exhausting, gratifying and important job you will ever have as a person. By taking on the difficult task of raising your children and teaching them this way, you are going to change the world. Thank you for loving my granddaughter as you do…..and my son too.

  2. Both of them are incredibly easy to love. Our baby is precious and you have an amazing son.