Thursday, March 8, 2012

Life is Better when Daddy is Home

Emma loves her Daddy so much.  
She smiles and giggles at him all the time.
Joshua always says she is a Daddy's Girl
and of course I always say she is a Momma's Girl, 
but to be completely honest,
I would be perfectly fine with her being a Daddy's Girl.
What they have together is so special
and it is such a joy for me to watch them together.

Emma and Daddy playing at our favorite restaurant, Transit Cafe.
Emma was such a giggle monster while we were there.
I think she enjoys overlooking the ocean 
as much as Momma and Daddy do. 

Just hanging out with Daddy.

Learning some calculus with Daddy.

I could not ask for a more incredible man 
to be the father of our beautiful girl.
He is an amazing husband and the best friend I have ever had.
But most of all he is a wonderful father 
to all three of his precious daughters.
They are lucky to have him. 

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