Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Simple Words can be so Powerful


Three pretty common words used in the English language.
They are probably part of multiple sentences most individuals say each day,
but they're not the big meaningful words of the sentence.
In fact, most people probably don't even realize when they say them.
They're not words that hold a lot of weight or stick out in our minds...

...unless they are coming out of your 20 month old daughter's mouth
to form the sentence "I want you."

When used this way they are the sweetest, most powerful words in the English language.
And for the past few days this has been my reality.
My darling Emma Claire has started coming over to me, holding her arms up 
for me to pick her up, and saying these three words.
I don't think my heart has ever melted into a bigger puddle.
It shows me that our past 20 months together, 
the tickles, the stories read, the walks taken, the hugs and kisses
have not only meant the world to me,
but they have also meant something to her.
Emma and I already have a very special bond
and my goal as her mother is to do everything I possibly can 
to nurture, foster, and protect our relationship 
so that it will always be as strong as it is today.
I know it will take a lot of work and I know some days will will be harder than others,
but I can't think of a better cause to be 100% devoted to.
In order for our relationship to continue to grow,
 I will spend the rest of my life...

...listening to her.
...playing with her.
...laughing and smiling with her.
...pointing out the beauty in the little things in life to her.
...planning special outings for just the two of us.
...rejoicing in her accomplishments.
...respecting her, her space, and her belongings.
...capturing our special moments together by taking pictures.
...sharing my opinions and beliefs with her, but not forcing them upon her.
...showing her how special she is to me.
...showing interest in her hobbies.
...acknowledging her thoughts and ideas.
...encouraging her to try new things and to think outside of the box.
...comforting her when she is hurt, sad, or lonely.
...accepting the times when she would rather not talk to me about something.
...allowing her to make mistakes and then help her learn from them.
...guiding her towards a life of faith and happiness.
...but most importantly, loving her.

The Life Of Faith

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  1. This made me tear up! Such a sweet way to look at those simple words. Children are such an amazing blessing!! Thanks for linking up this week!!