Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Our Trip Home

Our trip home didn't go exactly how we had planned.
We never really got a chance to just hang out, relax, and visit with family. 
The whole time we were in Kansas City we were looking at houses
and running other errands to prepare for the permanent move home.
Then, while we were in Oklahoma three of the four babies and myself got sick.
That's just the way life goes...

Jude and Uncle Vince.

Emma had a good time in her ball pit.

Raley was very happy to see her Daddy.

Biggest Sissy Lilly holding Jude for the first time.

Joshua is one proud husband and daddy.  This is the background on his phone.

Me with the oldest and the youngest.

Jude all cuddled up with the teddy bear his sisters made for him at Build-a-Bear.

Playing at the mall.

Daddy and his girls.  Each one of them has him wrapped around his finger.

Grandpa rocked Emma to sleep.

Jude and Uncle Danny.

Some friendly front yard golf.

Playing at Papa Scott's house.

Silly sisters in the bathtub.

Wearing Big Sissy's boots.

Daddy's Girl.

Raley cooking with Nana.

Jude and Uncle Jesse.

Happy little boy.

Lilly taking target practice.

Napping with my sick babies.

Jude and Nana.

Dying Easter eggs.

Happy Birthday Daddy.

Joshua and his siblings.

Emma checking out the snow.

Although it wasn't the best trip home, it was our last.
We will be home for good in a few months.

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1 comment:

  1. Aww, I love seeing all the pictures of your family together! It must be so hard to be apart from the older girls. I bet you are so excited to be home for good soon!