Sunday, April 28, 2013

Why I Love the Weekends: A Sense of Fulfillment

I've decided to start a new weekly feature:
Why I Love the Weekends.
Every Monday I will post my favorite picture from the weekend
along with a short writing that comes from whatever inspiration, knowledge,
or insights the weekend activities provided me with.

It was so easy to pick my favorite this week.
This picture is absolutely perfect.
Emma might be a Momm's girl today,
but I wouldn't be surprised if one day she's a Daddy's girl.

There's nothing I love more than
the quality family time that comes along with each weekend.
Those two days of just Momma, Daddy, Emma, and Jude
hanging out, relaxing, laughing, and playing are some of the best times
I have all week.  Don't get me wrong, I love spending the week with my babies,
but it's during the weekend that Emma and Jude get to spend extra time with Daddy
and there is no greater joy for me than watching the man I love with all my heart
play with, love, cuddle, tickle, and sing to our incredible children.
The three of them are my entire world and each one of them
has completely stolen my heart in their own way.
Joshua with his passion for life, his intelligence, his playfulness,
his never ending support and affection.
Emma with her contagious smile, her sweet giggle,
her wildness, her loving personality, and her ability to learn.
Jude with his playful little smirk, his powerful voice,
his belly laugh, his patience, and his sweet cuddles.
All of these things are great individually, but when they are all
rolled together for an extended period of time over the weekend,
they are incredible and provide me with the greatest sense of fulfillment.
I am a wife and a mother.  I am everything I have ever wanted to be.

The Life Of Faith

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