Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Biiiiiig Bow"

Jude's morning nap time was arts and crafts time for Emma and Momma today.
I thought it would be fun to make a big Minnie bow with my little Minnie loving girl.
This was so easy to do and Emma absolutely loved it.  She kept saying "biiiiiiig bow" 
the whole time she was putting all the little circles on it.  I absolutely love how this quick and easy
project turned out.  This simple construction paper creation will be cherished forever
and I look forward to showing it to Emma when she is older and sharing its story with her.

Once the bow was complete and Emma marveled over her masterpiece for awhile,
she quickly turned from excited to upset.  She was not happy that she couldn't actually 
wear the bow.  You would have thought the world ended.  The bow almost had a very short
life span because my wild thing just about tore it in half.  Luckily my creative juices were flowing this morning and I quickly taped the bow to the wall and had Emma stand under it so it appeared
as if she was wearing it.  This was good enough for my sassy girl and her sweet smile returned.

Then she decided that Minnie needed to wear the bow.

I love doing these special little activities with my baby girl when we have one on one time.
She may still be too young to remember them, but I will always be able to share the story with her.

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