Thursday, July 18, 2013

She Understands the World around Her

This is the conversation I had with Emma this morning.

Me: Emma, what do you want for breakfast?
Emma: Toooast! (she walks over to the fridge)
Emma: I reeeeeach. (stretches her arms above her head trying to get the bread)
Me: I don't think you can reach that high baby.
Emma: I climb. (puts her foot on the door of the fridge)
Me: Don't you dare try to climb up there.
Emma: I fall, hurt self.  (pats her head)
Me: Yes, that would be a big fall.
Emma: Momma be saaaaad.
Me: You're right, baby.  Momma would be very sad.  I don't like it when you fall.
Emma: No. (smiles and runs out of the kitchen)

She is such a big girl and I absolutely love being able to hold conversations with her.
Her tiny little voice and facial expressions make my day.  She is truly a special girl.

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