Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Park is our Happy Place

Her pony tail bouncing on top of her head as she runs.
His big gummy smiles that light up his whole face.
Her cheeks turning red as cherries from playing so hard.
His contentment in watching his big sissy run wild.
Her fearlessness in trying to climb every ladder, rope, and net.
His eyes showing their true blue color in the sunshine.
Her high pitched squeals as she comes down a slide.
His consistent finger chomping when being pushed in the swing.
Her friendliness toward every kid there.
His big belly laughs when he is thrown in the air.
Her genuine excitement when she realizes where we are.

These are what make every trip to the park so incredible.

Jude's first time swinging at the park.

Jude's first time going down a slide.

Nothing cuter than a group of little girls playing together and holding hands.

Our attempt at family pictures make me laugh.


  1. What wonderful pictures! I can hear Emma's squeals of excitement as she runs and plays and Jude's laughter during his first time swinging. Just think how much fun Emma will have playing in her own backyard every day.

  2. They are too cute! And Jude's hair, reminds me so much of Evey's just wild enough and super cute!