Thursday, April 5, 2012

Breaking News

Momma and Daddy are proud to announce
that in just seven short months
Miss Emma Claire will be a big sister!

I just discovered the wonderful news on Monday
and this picture is how I told Daddy.

I wish he could have been here to find out with me,
but I thought this was a cute way to
share the exciting news with him.

As of now, the tentative due date is November 14, 
but that is subject to change once we have
 the first ultra sound on April 23.
If the dates are accurate then as of today
I am 8 weeks and 3 days along.

Although Emma is still a baby herself,
she is definitely going to be a big part of this pregnancy.
The new baby (whom I like to refer to as Our Little Turkey 
since he/she will be born around Thanksgiving)
is going to have a pregnancy scrapbook
full of pictures of Momma's belly and big sissy.

There pictures are from the night we found out.
I can't wait for Emma to be a big sister.
I think it will be so precious to watch her with the baby.

We are so excited to be growing our beautiful family
and we look forward to sharing this incredible journey
as best we can from across the world through this blog.


  1. Yeay!!! Congrats!!! Why did that bring tears to my eyes? lol. leftover pregnancy hormones, i guess. You're giving me baby fever again and my little princess is only 4 weeks old. Hahaha. stoked for you! Happy pregnancy!

  2. Thanks Erica! We couldn't be more excited! Having little ones around is such a blessing.

  3. Names? You did such a great job matching Ema Claire an Ema Claire it will be difficult to repeat. But let's hear what you got. If you need any help just holler!!