Sunday, April 1, 2012

Just Living Life

A few random pictures...


  1. When ya’ll left to move on the other side of the world I was crushed. But looking at these pictures and knowing what I do. It could be possible that this migration to where people eat their food with two really long match sticks has developed an adhesive in your marriage that most of us dream about. In this short time that I have known you I have seen you grow from a beautiful shy young lady to a beautiful shy expressive young woman and mother. This blog is a daily pick-me-up that I look forward too, each and every day. Thanks for taking the time and effort associated with keeping it current (pretty sure I speak for several other people as well)…………. But, now that you and Josh have had your time where you can wear flip-flops year round (let’s call it your Blue Lagoon years), I’m ready for you to pack up your stuff and come home.

  2. Scott,
    I totally agree! You have no idea how many times a day I look at these pictures. I can not wait until they are back in the states.

    Your son has brought Gina so much happiness. She has definately blossomed into a wonderful wife and mother (her natural calling). I truly believe they were made for each other.

    I look forward to seeing you again.

  3. Hi there, good for you that you are staying home with your sweet baby - who is so precious by the way. I job shared when my babies were young for 7 years which was nice. I worked 2 days a week. Now they are big and back teaching full time. :o( It goes by fast,,,enjoy her, which it looks like you are.
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