Sunday, April 8, 2012

Emma's First Easter

Emma looked so pretty in her Easter dress.

I wanted to get some pictures of her outside, 
but she wasn't crazy about that idea.
Out of about 40 pictures, this was the only decent one...

It was such a nice day out.  
I really wish she would have cooperated, but oh well.

I got a few more later in the day up in the fluff
(Momma and Daddy's bed).
Again, didn't get that many good ones because
she thinks it's fun to throw herself back into the fluffy blanket.
Every time I sat her up she just flung back and giggled.
She is one silly girl.
Playing is way more important to her than pictures.

Giggling at herself in the mirror.

I also tried to get some pictures of her in just bunny ears,
but that didn't really work out either.
Our baby girl just does not like to perform for the camera.
I'm going to try these again later this week though.

Mid launch backwards into the fluff.

1 comment:

  1. Cutest bunny I have ever seen! Grandpa did a good job picking out her Easter dress...makes her eyes even more blue.