Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cake, Presents, and Rain

Emma's birthday party didn't quite go as I planned,
but I figure if there's one to mess up
it's the first one since she won't remember it anyway.
Instead of being cute and girly like I wanted it to be,
with pink and flowers every where, it was basically just one big puddle.
Just scheduling it was a hassle since Daddy was gone
and his return date is always subject to change.
Either way, a date was picked and we decided it should be on the beach
because how many one year olds have a birthday party on the beach?
Well, Daddy and I should have known better.
Nothing ever goes right for us so of course it rained,
 and rained, and rained some more.
Instead of being under the shelter to just eat and open presents,
we were stuck under it the entire time.
Luckily, Emma didn't seem to mind.
She loved crawling through the puddles and getting sprayed
from the mist being blown through the shelter,
which is why her pretty little party dress and bow did not last long.
It may not have been the party I envisioned,
but the birthday girl, Miss Emma Claire,
was showered with love which is all that really matters.

Emma decided to help herself to lunch...

Trying to really get the party started...

She didn't really dig into her cake and make a big mess like Daddy and I thought she would.
I think part of this was because she was tired.  She didn't have much of a morning nap
and it was getting close to her afternoon nap time so she was kind of in a sleepy daze.
Also, every time she touched the cake everyone got excited, made some type of noise or clapped,
which I think scared her rather than encouraged her to keep digging in.
Either way, the cake was adorable and delicious.

Because of the rain, we only had her open the presents from people that were actually at the party.
I ended up unwrapping the rest of them later that afternoon just to get them out of the wet boxes.

Better luck next year...


  1. aww! i don't think eva's 1st birthday will be all that spectacular either since we'll be so far away from everyone. at least she looked adorable with the cake all over her face! lol :)

  2. Emma may not remember her "wet" first birthday, but you and Josh will always remember it. She looked like she enjoyed herself, rain and all!

  3. Even though it rained, looks like it was a great time. Emma is such a cutie. Looking forward to reading more!