Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sassy Butterfly for a Sassy Girl

Daddy got home.
A typhoon rolled in.
We were trapped inside for a few days.
What better time to give Emma her big birthday present from us?

We ordered this Rockabye butterfly probably 4 or 5 months ago.
I know it was a little premature, but I came across it on Totsy and instantly knew 
it's what I wanted to get Emma for her first birthday. 
I thought it was the cutest toy I'd ever seen and I just knew she would love it.
Turns out I was right on both accounts.
The butterfly is even cuter in person.  The colors are bright.  The fabric is soft.
And an extra bonus that I didn't even know about when I ordered it,
it sings!  If you push the shapes on top of the head a song plays.
I think this is Emma's favorite feature.  She loves music just like her Daddy.
As soon as the song stops she stops rocking and won't start again
until she pushes a button and a new one starts to play.
Such an awesome twist to the classic rocking horse.
I think Momma and Daddy made a good choice for her first birthday present.
A sassy butterfly for a sassy girl!

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