Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thoughts from the Porch

It's 6:43 in the morning.
I'm in Oklahoma.
I just rocked Emma to sleep while sitting on the porch,
but not just any porch, Papa's porch.
The porch where he started each morning and ended each night.
The porch where he smoked too many cigarettes
and drank too many cups of coffe to even begin to count.
The porch where he has different gadgets and gizmos scattered about,
all of which probably have a story to go along with them.
The porch where the foxes come to eat each night
because they know trusty ole Papa has something laid out for them.
The porch where he kept a gun in the corner just in case.
The porch where he and I once sat and talked about my husband, 
our lives together, and our plans for the future.
The porch where he sat on his throne and told many stories,
formulated many thoughts, watched many sunrises and sunsets,
and caused smiles to spread across anyone's face who was ever given
the opportunity to share a moment with an unforgettable man.

I hear birds chirping, the tick tock of two different clocks,
cows mooing, and the fan whipping around in circles.
I see the darkness of the night disappearing and 
the light of the morning beginning to shine.
I'm just sitting here taking it all in
the same way an incredible man spent so many hours of the day.
I figure I can spend just a little bit of my time 
capturing this Satrrday morning the same way Papa would have.

Although I had only known this man for two and a half short years,
that was more than enough time to learn how incredible he was.
From the moment I met him he welcomed me into his family with open arms.
I quickly realized why my husband always talked so highly of him.
He was a very hard working, intelligent respectable man.
He was an inspiring man who, without even trying,
taught me the importance of getting what you want out of life.
I believe he lived his life the way he truly wanted to.
He was happy on and proud of the little patch of red dirt that he called home.
He loved his family and would have done anything for them.
He played a huge role in raising the man that I am so honored to call my husband.
I see more and more "Papa" qualities in my husband every day,
and I can't think of a better man for him to portray.
So thank you Papa, for every lesson you taught my husband
and every value you instilled in him.
You were a great grandfather and role model to him
and because of the man you helped shape him into 
I will forever be grateful to you.

This is my way of saying "Hi Papa,"
and I will continue to say hi every day until we meet again.


  1. So touching...what a great tribute!

  2. My dear daughter, you are one awesome young lady.



  3. We love this writing SOOOO very much. It has brought us a great deal of understanding. Although we miss our Dad, no words can describe. I appreciate and admire your essays, continue on, as I've always wanted to become a writter. Still do. We all love you, Emma, Joshua and Jude. Can't wait to see him. Glad that Dad did know he was having a great grand son, finally! Take Care of Each Other, til we meet again....<3 My dad would've loved this! Great tribute as your momma said! xoxox