Monday, September 17, 2012

Emma's First Steps

I know this isn't the best picture, but it was snapped just before a very big moment
in this little girl's life, just seconds before she took her very first steps!
If you notice, her right hand is just about to let go of the basket.

It was a typical day for the Little Lady and I.
We were playing in her room.
She was pushing her basket full of stuffed animals around.
She crashed it into the wall.
She turned and looked at me and said her version of "crash,"
which is really just the "ash."
She reached out for me.
But then something not so typical happened.
She took THREE steps towards me!
I am one proud Momma.
(this was about a week ago)
Still waiting for her to truly take off
and be a full fledged walker.

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  1. Oh how sweet!! How old is she?!! What a cutie!! Love your blog!! Following with BlogLovin! Feel free to followback! Hope you have a great week!!