Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Her Future Already Looks Bright

Emma is very quickly nearing two years old.  She is learning, developing, and growing
at lightning speed.  She is even starting to shed off some of her precious baby rolls,
 although that process is still moving slower than anything else.
My little girl is progressing in so many ways, all of which amaze me,
but there is one in particular that completely blows my mind and makes me very proud.
Not only is my Emma Claire sweet and funny, but she is also a very polite little lady.
She says please, thank you, you're welcome, and even bless you when
someone sneezes.  Now she doesn't say these things in every situation where they would
be appropriate, but she says them on a very consistent basis without being prompted to do so.
This fascinates me because this is not something the husband and I
have specifically worked with her on.  Sure there have been a few times here and there
when we have asked her to say please or thank you; we haven't completely
neglected this aspect of her development, but it's not something we have put a whole
lot of effort in to.  I guess this is just proof that she learns so much simply by
watching, listening, and interacting with Daddy and me.  The behavior that we as her parents
model, every single aspect of it, is so influential on her personality and her attitude.
She sees and hears something once and it is forever embedded in her impressionable mind.
To me, having manners and using them is a sign of respect and consideration of others.
I believe being polite and well-mannered are extremely important values for someone to possess,
and unfortunately I think they are severely lacking in both children and adults in today's society.
Since Emma has picked up on these basic yet crucial social behaviors at such a young age
hopefully they will be so deeply rooted in her personality that they will remain a part of her
throughout her childhood and even into her adult life.  You can never make a first impression
twice and I believe a person's manners speak very loudly about their character as a whole.
I am under the impression that my beautiful daughter is not only well on her way to making several
great first impressions, but that she also has the characteristics and values to make those first
impressions hold true and that makes me extremely happy and proud.
I couldn't ask for anything more.  My baby girl has a very bright future ahead of her.

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  1. She has amazed me from the day she was born so this does not surprise me.