Thursday, June 20, 2013

We Need to Feel the Sunshine

We live extremely close to the flight line that's on the Air Force Base over here
and for the past three weeks or so there have been jets taking off nonstop.
They literally fly right over our building and they are still extremely low when they do
so they are insanely loud.  Depending on where you are standing in our apartment when they fly overhead, you can feel the building shake.  And to make matters worse, 
they always fly in pairs or groups of four so their deafening roar comes back to back.
One day I counted twenty different jets within an hour.  It's been that bad.
Because of this we have not been able to go outside much lately.
I don't know if the jets hurt Jude's ears or if they just scare him, but every time 
they take off and we are outside he cries.  Emma runs to me, grabs whatever part of me she can
and holds on for dear life.  As a result, we have spent multiple days, entire days, 
cooped up in our apartment and staring at the beautiful beach and ocean that seem to be 
calling our names.  The glistening ripples in the water and the piles of coral 
are just a tease at this point.

Last week I finally decided that enough was enough.  We were all getting a little stir crazy.
We decided to take Daddy to work a couple different days so we could have the car
and go to the park.  The fresh air and sunshine were exactly what all of us needed.
It's amazing how much of a difference getting out of the house and being able
 to play outside makes for both the babies and me.  All of our attitudes changed 
as soon as our faces felt the warmth of the sun and the wind blew through our hair.
There is nothing better than the freedom to run, climb, yell, and scream that being outside allows.

I love that Jude is old enough to play by himself on a blanket 
so I can help Emma climb on the playground.

This is one slide loving girl.

Jude's first taste of grass.

Rocking away on the elephant.

Little J loves being outside.

Momma and Baby Girl going down the slide together.

Just hanging out with my J Bird while Sissy runs wild.

I love that I have outside babies.

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  1. Looks like you guys had so much fun! I love little Jude eating grass, Evey eats anything she can get in her mouth.