Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mmmm Mmmm Good

It seems like Jude does something everyday to remind me
that he's not my little baby anymore and this past weekend was no exception.
My little cuddle bug is officially eating solids.
He had his first taste of carrots on Sunday and he did so great!
Of course he made a bit of a mess, but it wasn't too bad
and he was actually really successful at keeping the food in his mouth
long enough to swallow it.

I am going to make all of his baby food just like I did with Emma.
For this first batch I just steamed two carrots and then used the food processor
and made a nice puree out of them.  Since Jude is only eating solids once a day at this point,
those two carrots will last me several days.  I'm thinking sweet potatoes or green beans
will be his next adventure and then we will move into some fruits.
I really enjoy making food for my babies so although it's a little sad that my
sweet boy is already at this stage in his life I'm excited about getting to do this again.

It won't be long until he's eating everything in sight just like his big sister.

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