Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: The Ponytail that Caused Tears

My heart broke a little bit the other day when I realized I could put 
ALL of Emma's hair up in a ponytail.  
And yes, it did make me cry.
She is getting so big!


  1. I know it is sad to know she is no longer a baby. Look on the bright have a ton of special mother/daughter outings ahead of you. I treasure the times you and I did things together.

  2. Oh, I can relate but it's funny when I first read the title I was wondering why a pony tail would make a little girl cry...sensitive head or what, lol.

  3. hi, Thanks for linking up with me today. Oh this pony tail is cute. Some heads are more sensitive than others, I guess. One of my daughters has a sensitive head and one of her daughter's has one, too.

  4. It is sad when they turn from baby into little girl...but look how cute she is!!
    Thanks so much for linking up for WW :)


  5. Oh my goodness, I remember this feeling too! My little Lily's whole face seemed to change. Whew, deep breath mama.

    So happy I found you through WW at Sincerely, Paula.