Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Morning Full of Smiles

Jude Scott was one happy boy when he woke up this morning.
The past few days he has let me know he's awake and ready for me to
come scoop him up by talking and cooing instead of crying.  
It's been great.  I love hearing his sweet voice coming from the bedroom
and I love being greeted by a big, gummy grin once I get to him.

(I was messing with the settings on the camera a lot, which is why some of the
pictures look way different than others.  I'm really trying to learn how to use the camera correctly.)

Peek-a-Boo, I see a Jude Scott through the blankets.

While I was taking pictures of Jude, Emma was running between the bedroom
and out on the balcony.  She loves being outside.  
I can't wait to have a house with a backyard for her to play in.

I know photographically this is not a good picture at all,
but this is the face I get when I tell Emma to smile for the camera.
She's so wild and crazy.

I love mornings like these.


  1. Cloth diapers look so much better than fake ones :)What a cutie!! I love morning smiles.

  2. Morning smiles are the best thing in the world, it makes the tough part of getting out of bed more worthwhile! Http://

  3. Great photos - your little man is so cute! He has beautiful eyes. Your little girl is gorgeous too - what a cheeky grin!

  4. What gorgeous little cherubs you have :-)