Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Monday

Being stationed in Japan during the Super Bowl means it comes on
at 8:30 Monday morning and gives Daddy an extra day off work.

Since Daddy was gone so much the past two weeks 
we took full advantage of our extra day together.

Father and son watching the Super Bowl together.

Judging by these sweet pictures I'd say Jude enjoyed his first Super Bowl.

Emma finally got the chalk board table!!  This was supposed to be a Christmas
present, but I ended up having to wait two months for the PX to get the
chalk board spray back in stock.  I still need to paint the legs, but I couldn't 
wait any longer to give it to her once the top was ready.

It was such a beautiful day outside.  
The weather was perfect so we headed down to the beach.
Emma loved playing in the water and throwing rocks with Daddy.

I was trying to get Emma to hold our hands for this, but she wasn't having it.

Jude hanging out under his shaded canopy.

Playing in the dirt on the walk home.

She has a thing about picking up rocks and carrying them with her.
We are starting to get a nice collection right outside the front door.

Daddy finally had to pick her up so we could move along.

We love it when Daddy is home with us.