Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Being a Momma...

...allows me to experience the most incredible kind of love one can feel.
...means I never think of myself first anymore.  My children always come first.
...provides me with ten rewarding moments for every challenging moment. the easiest and hardest job I have ever had.
...brings a smile to my face every day.
...brings tears to my eyes.  Happy tears. my biggest responsibility.
...shows me how incredibly precious life is.
...brings me the greatest joy I have ever experienced.
...means my every move is watched and my every word is heard. the most important teaching job I will ever have. all I have ever truly wanted to do with my life.
...causes me to think about things differently than I would have before I was a parent.
...makes the fact that I sometimes stay in my pajamas all day perfectly acceptable.  Pajama parties.
...means every decision I make will have some type of influence on someone else's life.
...demands a lot of patience, hard work, consistency, and compassion.
...allows me to be sing, dance, and be silly every day. me purpose in life. truly a blessing.

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