Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Three Years Ago Today...

...I went on a date.  A first date.
The night started with "I hope you don't mind 
that I didn't clean my truck out for you"
and ended with "You should come see me out
in California in a few weeks."
Yes, this man whom I had just met only a few weeks before
and whom I was currently on my first date with
asked me to fly across the country in a few weeks to visit him. 
Most people probably think that's a little crazy, 
but I knew right away that I wanted to go.
I guess that just shows that we both knew that this was
the beginning of something special.

Well as it turns out, it was more than just special.
It was magical.  It was exciting.  It was perfect.  It was meant to be.
So much so that just 7 months and 11 days later 
we stood barefoot in a park and said "I do."

Some of our adventures leading up to our wedding...

Camping on the beach in California.  
The view from our tent when we woke up.

The Crab Catcher, fanciest restaurant we have ever been to,
and we came in all sandy from the beach.
They basically sat us in a closet.  No joke.
We didn't even know there was such a thing as a sparkling water glass
and in case you were wondering, prawn is just a fancy word for shrimp.

Driving home from a shooting match.

Who needs paper to write a love letter?

Playing with the new fancy camera we just bought.  Our first big purchase together.

Just because flowers.

Playing with the new toys he bought for the camera.

Walking to Tanners, the bar just down the street from our apartment
and where we spent many of our nights.  Oh Tanners...

Memorial Day Weekend in Oklahoma.

He made me drive the truck with the boat hitched up to the back.  I was terrified.

Enjoying a sunset.  This is one of my all time favorite pictures of him.  So handsome.

A lazy 4th of July spent laying in the park all day.

Our rocks.  A very special place.

I love it when he tells the story about when he went to pick out my rings.

At the Jack Johnson concert.  We love us some JJ.

Horse back riding in Oklahoma.

Again, who needs paper?

In our hearts we were already married, 
but this gave us the little piece of paper that made it official.

Honeymoon Phase 1.  
Oklahoma and then to the Cowboys game.

Honeymoon Phase 2.
Back to Kansas City.

Honeymoon Phase 3.

I love you Joshua Scott.  You captured my heart three years ago
and have tightened your hold on it every day since then.
You are the most amazing man I could have ever asked for.
You are sweet, honorable, confident, funny, honest and passionate,
You support me, encourage me, guide me, and believe in me.
The love we share is a love I never knew existed until I met you.
It's a love that, in its three short years, has already had to weather the storm
and has come out stronger than when it went in.
I will never forget our first date and the strong feelings 
I immediately started to have for you.  
There was just something different about you.
I truly believe that you were made for me and I was made for you.  
Our similarities and our differences fit together so perfectly and our love
continues to grow with each new experience that we face.  Some how we manage
to find a way to cuddle up close enough to make our thoughts, beliefs and goals
fit together even more perfectly than they did when our relationship first started.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! This is such a sweet sweet post! I feel the same way about my husband and I's love story. We were made for each other, :)