Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Baby Carrier

Ever since I found out I was pregnant again 
I have tossed around the idea of getting a baby carrier
and doing some of this "baby wearing" that I have heard and read so much about.
I never used one with Emma, mostly because I never really felt the need to.
I'm a stay at home mom and luckily she was, and still is, a really good baby.
I never felt like I couldn't get the everyday household chores such as laundry and dishes done
while also caring for a newborn.  Even as a little baby, Emma has always been 
very content playing on her own.  She was happiest on the floor on a blanket or a tummy time mat
where she could flail her little arms and legs around.
She's like her Daddy and loves her freedom.
Who knows if the new baby will be the same way and even if s/he is, 
I won't be able to just leave him/her playing on the floor
while the wild Emma Claire is running around.
Of course I can use a swing or bouncy seat while I'm trying to get some chores done, 
(and I know I will at times) but Emma, flying toys, and who knows what else
can still get to the little one that way which is why I think
a baby carrier would be really nice to have.
It's not that I think Emma won't do well with her new sibling.
It's just that she's a newly walking, very energetic 14 month old right now
and there's no way for her to understand how gentle you have to be with a newborn.
Plus, a baby carrier will give me the opportunity to continue to be
very hands-on with Emma, which I feel is extremely important.
Of course her little world is about to change, but she still needs her Momma 
just as much as the new baby will.  I don't want her to miss out on anything
just because my hands are tied up holding her little brother or sister.
Now I know times like that are inevitable and that she's going to have to learn to be patient,
but I want to minimize those times as much as possible.
I feel like a baby carrier will be the perfect thing to help me with this.
I've done a lot of reading on many different styles
and as of right now, if I end up getting one, I think I want the Boba Carrier 3G.
It's similar to the Ergobaby, which is the one I originally thought I wanted,
but has a few more features that I really like.
With the Boba, I wouldn't have to buy an additional infant insert
in order to carry our newest addition in it like I would with the Ergobaby.
The Boba also comes with foot straps that apparently
help an older child get into a more comfortable sitting position,
which I think would be really beneficial if Emma is going to be in it
for an extended period of time.  The Ergobaby doesn't have a feature like this.

So that's where I'm at right now.
I think having a baby carrier would be great, but they're expensive.
It's hard for me to justify spending that amount of money on something I know isn't a necessity.
My mother, and plenty of other moms, have raised children who are close in age
without the help of a baby carrier so it's definitely not a must have.
I just think it would be really nice to have.
Decisions, decisions... 




  1. I tried the ktan, and a oversized skirt looking one & both were so complicated I about lost it. But I got the baby bjorn and i love it :)

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  3. A Tweet is on its way west so you can get spit up on in an up close and personal way. It can be your new babies first birthday present.