Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Fun

Pouring down rain prevented us from going trick-or-treating, 
but we still managed to have some good Halloween fun.

Painting pumpkins.  It took Miss Priss a little while 
to be okay with having paint on her hands.

Playing and showing off her cute Halloween outfit.

Trying to take her tutu off.

I told Emma that pumpkins are "Mmmm Mmmm good" so she decided to try to eat it.

We baked a special Halloween treat for Daddy's Marines.
Cream cheese swirled brownies with cream cheese frosting all made from scratch.
I love love love using all the baking stuff Daddy got me for my birthday.
I wanted to do some more elaborate decorating on the brownies, just didn't have the time.
I had to keep it simple, but apparently they were "spooktacular!"
This was only the second time I've made my own frosting
and I was told that was the best part.  Cannot wait to try something else 
and really get into some fancy decorating.

Since it was raining so much and we knew we weren't going to take her 
out trick-or-treating she only wore her costume for about five minutes.
We are going to put it on her again this weekend and have a little photo shoot.
Momma is really excited about this because she looked so darn cute in it!

Hope every one else had a great Halloween also!


  1. Prettiest little Halloween spook I have ever seen!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by the More Than Mommies Mixer! We are now following you and can't wait to see what your little gal is up to next! She is ADORABLE!!!

    Hope you will swing by again next Friday and consider partying with us again! Thanks SO much for displaying our button and sharing us with your readers!

    Janene and Christine