Saturday, October 6, 2012

Typhoon Jelawat

A day before we were to fly home to Okinawa we got word of a typhoon
headed toward the little island we like to call home.
Great.  Just our luck.  We figured we were going to get stranded somewhere,
most likely in Tokyo, and as soon as we arrived at the airport
we were told that was a very good possibility.
Being stuck at an airport with a sick 13 month old while being 29 weeks pregnant
did not sound like a good time to me.  We had to make it home.
Thankfully, we did!  We landed in Okinawa around 11 o'clock Friday night
and the typhoon hit the following morning.  
It was the worst one we have seen so far.
We lost electricity and water for three days.
Entire trees were uprooted and blown all over the island.
Roofs were blown off buildings.
Cars were shifted and crashed into each other in parking lots.
Roads were covered in sand and fallen branches.
Playgrounds were torn apart.
Stop lights were turned the wrong way.

Water coming in through our sliding doors.

Where did the ocean go?

Typhoon-1   Little Car-0

All the trees and plants are blown to the side and look dead. 
I guess this is as close to Fall as we are going to get.

This all used to be lush and green and beautiful.

A few videos taken during the typhoon...

Thankfully we came out of it with no significant damage to our apartment building or car.

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  1. My husband is there right now for "deployment" and said it was crazy too! Actually, that video at the bottom was shot by one of his buddies lol!

    Happy you made it home safe though and there wasn't any awful damage to your things. All the stuff washed out by the tsunami after the typhoon hit is hitting the shores of Hawaii right now.