Sunday, October 7, 2012

Spreading her Joy with each Step

Emma Claire,

You are getting to be quite the little walker!
Your Momma and Daddy have known you could walk if you truly wanted to for quite some time now,
but something, we're not sure what, has been holding you back.
Well, not anymore my darling girl.
You have gotten to be very brave the past few days.
It all started Friday morning.
We were in your room and I kept standing you up 
and encouraging you to take your usual two, maybe three, steps toward me.
You of course were doing this with no problem so I backed up a little bit
and you made the few extra steps to me with no problem at all!
Once you got to me you giggled and laughed and gave me a big hug.
Maybe you knew you had taken more steps that time and you were proud of yourself,
or maybe you just wanted to give your Momma a hug.
Either way, I loved your sweet and excited embrace and gave you a big squeeze right back.
Since that moment you have been way more interested in walking
than you ever have been since you took your first steps.
Now you stand up in the middle of the room 
and try to walk over to whatever it is you want
or if you are already standing up on something now you let go
and try to walk to where ever it is you want to go next.
You don't automatically drop to your knees and crawl every time anymore.
You're getting so big and it's so precious to watch.
Every step you take makes me smile.  I am so proud of you.
I know this is a milestone that every kid reaches one day,
but your weeble wobbles are always accompanied 
by such joy, laughter, and silly faces, 
all of which make this event so much more special through my eyes.
Everyone always tells me that you are the happiest baby.
Well sweet girl, they are right.  You have always been a very happy little girl.
You smile, clap, sing, and dance throughout each day.
Your smiles and big belly laughs are so powerful and rewarding to me.
I think every parent has a fear of their child being unhappy,
but you completely erased that fear in me a long time ago.
Your happiness is contagious.
The world will be a better place with you walking all over it
and spreading pure joy to everyone you come across.

Love always,

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  1. Oh my goodness, this is such a sweet post. It really touches my heart as my Violet is crawling and just started pulling herself up on things. We are very lucky Mamas to have such sweet little girls.

    Thank you for linking up to {Im}Perfect Sunday!

  2. how adorable :) And I love her name - so beautiful!

  3. Hi! Found you on Monday Mingle! What a cutie pie you have and such a beautiful letter to your daughter!

  4. i found your blog thru the naptime review mom's monday mingle and now follow thru gfc. thanks, dear!

  5. Thank everyone. I think our little lady is pretty special.