Monday, October 29, 2012

A Big Change is coming for a Little Girl

Here is a quick catch up on what we have been up to lately...

Morning cuddles with Daddy is how the girls in this family like to start their day.

Our little cowgirl.

Such a Beauty Queen.

Someone thinks the new baby's carseat is a jungle gym.

Emma has developed a fascination with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
We don't have a TV so she's never watched a cartoon before, but I think it's so cute
that she loves Mickey and Minnie so much so I let her watch an episode
of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse every once and a while.

Momma's little poser.

Getting some quality sand time in.

Playing with her Autumn tree.


Cuddling up while Daddy sings to her.

Listening to Daddy explain that the musical gene gets passed down from generation to generation.
I'm just hoping Emma got part of that gene from her Daddy,
 because she definitely didn't get it from me.

A little messed up, but I still think it's a really cute picture.

Breakfast on the beach.

My darling girl,

In just a few short weeks you will no longer be the only baby in the house.
I am so excited for your little brother or sister to join our family, 
but as we get closer to that day I have really started to get sentimental about
the special time you and me spend together; that special Momma, Emma time
 that is filled with laughter, kisses, learning, and silliness.
With the exception of a few nights spent with Grammy and Grandpa, 
you and I have spent every day together for the past fourteen and a half months.
And, my beautiful daughter, they have been the most incredible fourteen and a half months of my life
all because of you.  You have brought your Momma more joy than you will ever know.
You, and sharing the job of raising you with your Daddy, is a dream come true for me.
Every changed diaper, slobbery kiss, wiped tear, nap time cuddle, and sweet grin
is just another moment of me fulfilling my purpose in life which is to be your Momma.
I know I was made special for your Daddy and he for me, but now,
although you were born many years after me, I also believe I was made special for you.
The twenty-four years leading up to your arrival was just time spent waiting to meet 
my other perfect match, my first born, my beautiful daughter, my Emma Claire.
You have filled a huge part of my heart that I never knew could love so much and so deeply.
You are one special lady Emma Claire and although your little world is about to change in a big way, 
I hope you know that just because your Momma and Daddy love the new baby with all our hearts
doesn't mean we love you any less.  You will always be loved, tended to, and cared for
the same way you have been since the day you were born.
You might have to share some of that special Momma, Emma time with your new
baby brother or sister, but I promise to always have enough
time, arms, and lap space for both of you.
You are a lucky girl to get the privilege to be both a little sister and a big sister.
I know you will go great things in both roles.
Please know that Momma and Daddy love you, your big sisters, and your baby brother or sister
more than I could ever describe and that nothing will ever change that. 
You are all wonderful and special in your own way.  We have an amazing family
and I cannot wait to create a lifetime of memories filled with all six of us.

I love you Beauty Queen.




  1. Aww, this is just the sweetest letter to your little girl. I love it, :)

  2. I thought you aleady knew you were having a boy? She has such cute baby rolls<3 Enjoy every minute because she'll be 3 before you know it!!