Monday, October 15, 2012

Two Years in Okinawa

Today marks two years of what my husband and I 
like to call Honey Moon Phase Three.
We have officially been calling this little island "home" for two years now, 
which means it's been about two and a half years since
I told Joshua that I would go anywhere with him.
I think this little hop across the pond has proven that I meant ANYwhere.
I will admit, when I told him that Okinawa had never even crossed my mind.
I was thinking more along the lines of California or North Carolina,
and although I was shocked when he first told me he had orders to Okinawa
it didn't take me long to know that not going with him wasn't an option.
Many people in my life did not agree with or like this decision.
They asked me questions such as:
Are you crazy?  How do you know he's not going to hurt you?
What about the career you are just starting?
You couldn't even move to Texas.  How are you going to move to Japan?
How do you know he's the one?
Why don't you wait six months after he leaves and then see if you still want to go?
Is this guy you've only known a few months really worth leaving your entire life behind?
My family and friends didn't understand and couldn't believe
that this man, this Marine was the love of my life
and that there was no way I could watch him move across the world without me.
I would have been absolutely miserable if I would have done that.
My mind was made up.  I was moving to Okinawa, Japan
and nothing anyone said or did could get me to decide otherwise.
Unfortunately, getting here wasn't easy for a number of different reasons.
Waiting games were in full force.
Papers were signed and then unsigned.
Arguments were had. Tears were cried.  Mix ups were made.
Documents were missing.  Plane tickets were bought and then canceled. 
Confusion was everywhere.
We lived carless and homeless for a month.
There was a time, because of administrative things,
when I thought I was going to have to watch my one true love start this journey without me.
Thankfully, after months of stress, misunderstandings, and multiple drives to Leavenworth
everything got worked out and we boarded the plane headed to the land
of yen and sushi together, hand in hand.
Now, here we are, two years later
and although we have missed family and friends,
this experience has been wonderful.
It's beautiful here.  The Okinawans are an incredible group of people.
We have seen, tasted, and done things that we never would have gotten the opportunity to
anywhere else in the world.  Okinawa will always hold a special place in our hearts.
Years down the road from now we will look back on these years
and remember it as the place where we truly started our married lives together
and where we built such an incredible foundation for that marriage.
The love Joshua and I have for each other is so strong, solid, and unwavering.
Okinawa has been our own little "paradise" to grow together and fall even more in love.
The memories we've created here will forever be cherished in our hearts.
Here's to making our last year here just as wonderful as the first two.

Our first day in Okinawa.

 First trip up North.
We hit the aquarium, Tropical Dream Center,
and Pizza in the Sky all in one day.

Just a day at the beach.

Shuri Castle.

 Hiji Waterfall.  

My first Marine Corps Ball.

Emma Claire is on her way.

Camping at Okuma.

Cherry Blossom Festival.

Whale watching.


Just over half way through the pregnancy.

Beautiful sunset.

One week before Emma was born.

Emma made her big debut.

We found out that our family was going to have another special addition.

Mold attacked our house while we were on leave.

Life with Emma.

Waiting for our next sweet baby to be born.


  1. What a lovely post of your family's journey. :)

  2. I humbly admit that I was wrong. I am so happy you and Josh found each other. The love you two have for each other is very apparent. I know you will enjoy your last year in Japan, but known your family and friends are counting the days until you are back stateside.
    Love to all,